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summer deep cleans

We are now close to the summer holiday and schools are bracing up for the break-up. However, here at Recleaning we are gearing up for the next summer deep cleans. We understand how busy shools, universities, hostel managers and landlords of students accommodation have been during this academic year. With the natural circle of the school season, now you can deep clean your buildings and give attention to those areas that need extra cleaning and repairs.

While students are out on summer jobs, relaxing at home or on family vacation, our professional cleaning teams are having the busiest time of the year. Summer holiday is the perfect time to have your classrooms and other facilities thoroughly clean as the buildings are relative less busy with students and/or staff.

While regular cleaning is maintained through out the year, some cleaning jobs need more time, space and attention to be done well. With empty or reduced-use of school premises, Recleaning staff can focus on:
Thoroughly scrubbing and cleaning floors.
Deep cleaning foodservice floors and equipment.
Gymnasium cleaning: bleachers, floors, seats, locker rooms, showers and equipment.
Vacuum and thoroughly clean dorm buildings, including common areas, game rooms and individual dorm rooms.
Window washing.
Green Cleaning

At Recleaning services we understand the health safety and achievement of students is paramount to every school agenda. With are clean learning environment, you can be rest assured that students and staff would be more relaxed, motivated, creative and more productive. We eco-friendly cleaning products which have been tested and proven to give outstanding results. Looking for high quality cleaning service this summer either short or long term contract or just one-off cleans? Recleaning is just a phone call away. Call us now on 0116 216 6348 for a FREE no obligation quote.