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one-off-spring cleaning

At ReCleaning ltd we understand how busy professionals struggle to keep on top of their housework. A quick dust before you go off work, or running round with the hoover when you’ve got 10 minutes may be okay, but at some point, you’ll need a spring clean. What about your skirtings, fridge and/or freezer, light fittings? Some people may be happy to give up their weekends. If you’re not one of them, why not try ReCleaning deep cleaning service?

ReCleaning company offer a professional, yet affordable spring cleaning service to rejuvenate and revitalise your house. One-off cleaning is ideal before or after a party, to spruce up after decorators, as a monthly once-over, or a seasonal blitz.

Making your Home Glitter

Our professional cleaners are highly trained; vetted for your peace of mind. Our rates are very competitive so, whatever, your budget we are confident you'll find a package to suit your needs.

Let us do all those jobs you simply cannot spare the time for. The service includes:

Frames and doors
Carpets and floors
Windows and sills
Sockets and switches
Fittings and lights
Stairways and corridors
Banisters and Rails
Cupboards and furnitures

Appliances - fridge, oven, toaster, dishwasher, coffee-machine, bathroom cleaning and de-scaling.

We pride ourselves in offering our clients a full comprehensive service, we can conveniently deep-cleanse your carpets, rugs and upholstery as well. We'll inform you upfront if additional fee is applicable. Just tell us your needs and we'll do the rest for you.

We guarantee you an spotless clean home, where everything looks as good as new. Request a quote, or call 01163190158 to book.